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When the first General Convention, Children of the Confederacy, was held August 26-27, 1955, in Atlanta, Georgia, two CofC Chapters with 21 members were active in the District of Columbia: Major Charles M. Stedman #1 and Fairview #426. Reporting for the District of Columbia at that Convention was Sharon Lee Dennis. The Division Director was Miss Frances D. Shirley.

At that first General Convention, Miss Dennis reported that the DC CofC had placed a wreath at the Confederate Monument, Arlington Cemetery, on Memorial Day and had decorated the Confederate graves in Jackson Circle. They had toured Richmond the previous June, visiting Hollywood Cemetery and the Davis Family plot. Green teas had been held to raise their share of money for the Bronze Doors at the UDC Memorial Building in Richmond.

Later that same year during the November 1955 General Convention, United Daughters of the Confederacy, held in San Antonio, Texas, Mrs. Mary McCall Henderson Imes of the District of Columbia, UDC, presented the first Children of the Confederacy President General's Pin, in memory of her only son, Jacob Charles Henderson, Jr. The Pin was accepted at the Second CofC General Convention in Memphis, Tennessee, on August 23, 1956, by Mary Hadley Pike, President General.

Beginning in 1956, wreaths were placed every year by the CofC at the statues of General Robert E. Lee and President Jefferson Davis in Statuary Hall, United States Capitol, during programs held by the District of Columbia Division, UDC, commemorating the birthdays of these men, and at the Confederate Monument, Arlington Cemetery. Upon the moving of the statute of General Robert E. Lee to The Crypt, United States Capitol, the wreaths were no longer placed in Statuary Hall but the commemoration of the birthday of General Robert E. Lee continues, now being the longest continuous ceremony held in the United States Capitol. The District of Columbia CofC members have participated in this event for 58 years at this writing.

In 1957, the Mary Custis Lee Chapter #505 was chartered. That same year, August 21-23, 1957, the District of Columbia Division hosted the Third General Convention, Children of the Confederacy, at the Hotel Continental. Miss Alexandra Burroughs was DC Division President and Mrs. William H. Barstow was Division Director. Chapter Presidents and Directors to this CofC General Convention were:
Major Charles M. Stedman Chapter #1 -- George Bonbrest, President; Mrs. Freeman G. Lee, Director;
Fairview Chapter #426 -- Miss Rebecca Hannah, President; Miss Margaret I. Lindsay; Director;
Mary Custis Lee #505 -- Charles Brickert, President; Mrs. John W. Crowley, Director.
Mrs. Lena Epperly MacDonald, DC Division President, UDC, served as General Chairman of the 1957 CofC Convention.

Among the 1957 CofC General Convention Pages were: Claude Bonbrest, Marshall; Sharon Lee Dennis, Page to the President General, UDC; William Moore and Constance Faye Royston, Pages to Convention Chairman, Mrs. Lena MacDonald; George Bonbrest and Sally Ann Royston, Pages to Third Vice-President, District of Columbia, Mrs. William Barstow; Barbara Ann Royston, Page to CofC Division President, Alexandra Burroughs; Annie Laurie Marton and Sally Ann Royston, Division Pages; Cheryl Burroughs, Claudia Burroughs, Carol Burroughs, Kathleen Kay Ross, Carlton Benjamin Smith, and Frances Jean Fischer, Local Pages.

During this CofC General Convention, activities included a boat trip to Mount Vernon, home of George Washington; a tour of the Capital, Arlington Cemetery, and the White House; and a dance. Senator Ralph Yarborough, Texas, addressed the Convention. General UDC Officers in attendance were Miss Edna Howard Fowler, President General; Mrs. William F. Dickens, Third Vice President General; and Mrs. William C. Harllee, Historian General. At the Convention a motion to send $10.00 each, as a love token, to the three remaining Confederate veterans was made and approved.

The DC CofC participated with their Flags at the annual Massing of the Flags at Washington Cathedral until this event ended around 1961. In 1970 and 1973, they participated in Massing of the Flags at the National Presbyterian Church. They took part in July 4 Processionals at the Washington Monument until 1960 when this event also ended. They have placed wreaths at the Jackson Statue at Manassas Battlefield National Park during programs. Other events that the DC CofC has participated in are:

Served as Pages at services in 1957 at the statue of General Albert Pike, CAS.
Paged in 1959 and 1968 at the UDC General Convention.
Placed a wreath at the Jefferson Davis Monument in Richmond at the Annual Massing of
the Flags of the Confederate States.
Toured Ball's Bluff National Cemetery.
Toured Gettysburg Battlefield and points of interest and placed a wreath at the UDC
Monument to the Soldiers and Sailors of the Confederacy.
Served as Pages at the UDC wreath-laying at the Confederate Monument at Point
Lookout, Maryland, in 1971.
Participated in the USS Maine Memorial Program with their Flags in 1971.
Attended the Wayside Theater-on-tour production in 1987 of "Virginia Ghost Stories of
the Civil War".

From 1968 until the early 2000's, each year a red and white bouquet was sent to Epiphany Episcopal Church, Washington, DC, on the Sunday nearest the June 3 birthday of President Davis. The bouquet was always placed on a stand near his pew at the Church.

In 1967 the Major Charles M. Stedman Chapter #1 was disbanded. The DC UDC Division did not have a new CofC Chapter until 1979 when, on June 29, the Elizabeth Cody Bachman Chapter #740 was chartered with nine members.

Publication of a monthly newsletter, The Southern Star, was begun with the publication of Vol. I, No. 1, in September 1969. Containing calendar information, personal items, materials relating to the Historian General's program, etc., it was sent to all CofC members until June 1982 when it ceased publication. Today's award winning newsletter is a quarterly titled Lee's Legacy.

Over the years the CofC has held various fund-raising events to benefit its projects. These have included silver teas; green teas; sales of candy, date books, stationery, recipe cards and Christmas tags; bus tours to Stratford Hall, Waterford's Fall Festival, Gettysburg, Berkeley Plantation; the Re-enactment of the First Thanksgiving in America; and other activities. The door prize given on one tour was a china-head doll called "Annalee" made by the Director and dressed by the CofC Division President Patricia Bailey. The next year, as a fund raiser, voices were sold on a second doll called "Lauralee", also made by the Director. In 1966, the Division President Patricia Maxfield prepared and printed a cookbook, "Favorite Receipts", containing recipes furnished by local UDC members. The fund-raisers helped the Division contribute to the Winnie Davis Scholarship and Voluntary Funds and to the Mrs. Norman Randolph Relief Fund. In addition, the DC CofC contributed to the Bronze Doors; 100 percent to the Jefferson Davis Memorial Chapel, Richmond; President General's Cabinet Fund; the Bell Fund; Beauvoir; the Phoebe Pember Nursing Scholarship; Ship Island; the Memorial Building Endowment Fund (in honor of Mrs. Louis Fortier, DC Division President, UDC); the Lee-Fendall House, Alexandria, Virginia, for the care and restoration of Lee Family documents; and various other good causes.

The Division began a scholarship fund in 1970. In 2008, the funds from the scholarship fund were donated, in its entirety, to the General Scholarship Fund at the CofC General Convention.

Members have participated in, entertained at, and assisted with numerous UDC functions locally, in addition to regular commemorative programs. Members helped serve the 75th Anniversary Luncheon of Robert E. Lee Chapter #644, UDC, on January 21, 1978.

The CofC Division President, Sharon Lee Dennis, represented the Division at the opening of the Jefferson Davis Memorial Park, Fort Monroe, Virginia, in 1956. Charles Brickert, President of Mary Custis Lee Chapter #505, attended the unveiling of the Davis Plaque in Montreal, Canada. This plaque commemorates Jefferson Davis' stay in the home of John Lovell in 1867, after his release from prison. The Henry Morgan & Co., at the time the largest store in Montreal, stood on the site of the Lovell home at that time.

Chalres Brickert, Division President, attended and represented the Division at the unveiling of the statue of President Davis at the National Wax Museum, Washington, DC. Senator John Stennis was the speaker on this occasion. The Division contributed to the purchase of the Saber presented by the DC Division, UDC, to Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson in honor of his distinguished Confederate grandfathers. His daughter accepted the Saber at the 100th commemoration of Jefferson Davis' Inauguration in 1961.

Two members, Robert E. Lee Lears and Thomas Jonathan Jackson Lears, presented historical pictures of General Lee to Admiral Charles L. Nelson, Superintendent, US Naval Academy, on the 151st Birthday of General Lee in 1958. One member, dressed in Confederate uniform, presented a program on Confederate history at a Virginia school. Neil Speer, Division Vice President, represented the CofC at Arlington House at a ceremony when a book of poetry that had been published in the 1850's was presented to the Mansion by Mrs. Freeman Lee of DC UDC. Marilyn Maxfield, Division President, and Neil Speer, Vice President, represented the CofC at the presentation of the John Hampton Chalice for Constitutional Merit to Senator Strom Thurmond by the Sons of Confederate Veterans in September 1969. The Division President, Patricia Bailey, attended the SCV Convention in St. Augustine, Florida, in 1973 as "Miss Maryland".

In the past, members have collected and presented books to Veterans' Hospitals. They have given UDC Magazine subscriptions and books on Southern history to libraries. They have held Christmas workshops, bringing cookies, baked breads, and other goodies for gift baskets for UDC Real Daughters and shut-ins. Greeting cards have been addressed and mailed. Division scrapbooks and yearbooks have been prepared.

The Division has been honored by having the following members elected to General Offices:
Mary Patricia Maxfield, Historian General, 1965-1966
Marilyn Joan Maxfield, Recording Secretary General, 1970-1971
Patricia Ann Bailey, Third Vice President General, 1974-1975

Members elected to the General Nominating Committee:
Marilyn Joan Maxfield, 1969-1970
Caroline Giles, 1971-1972
Patricia Ann Bailey, 1973-1974 (Jarratt Speer served when she became a Candidate for
General Office)
Donald Jarratt Speer, Alternate Member, 1974-1975

Members served on other General Committees as follows:
Sharon Lee Dennis, Education Committee, 1956-1957
Alexandra Burroughs, History Committee, 1957-1958
Cora Lee Colbert, Memorial Building Committee, 1964-1965
Connie Maxfield, History Committee, 1965-1966
Mary Patricia Maxfield, Chairman, History Committee, 1965-1966
Neil Speer, Education Committee, 1966-1967
Neil Speer, Affairs Committee, 1969-1970
Neil Speer, Bylaws Committee, 1970-1971
Caroline Giles, New Business Committee, 1971-1972
Marilyn Joan Maxfield, Chairman, New Business Committee, 1971-1972
Caroline Giles, Bylaws Committee, 1972-1973
Patricia Bailey, Memorial Building, 1972-1973
Caroline Giles, Organization Committee, 1973-1974
Patricia Ann Bailey, Chairman, Membership Committee, 1974-1975
Patricia Bailey, New Business Committee, 1974-1975
Elizabeth Brett, New Business Committee, 1974-1975
Melinda Speer, Memorial Building Committee, 1975-1976
Nancy Lyons, Patriotic Services Subcommittee of Affairs Committee, 1976-1977
Jarratt Speer, History Committee, 1976-1977
Malinda Speer, Memorial Building Committee, 1976-1977
Jarrett Speer, Division Insignia Committee, 1977-1978
Jarrett Speer, Memorial Building Committee, 1978-1979
Melinda Speer, History Committee, 1978-1979

Members have served as Aides to the President General, Division Pages at General Conventions, and Pages to General Officers. Members had also enjoyed Halloween parties, swim and pizza parties, and dances. They have toured historical places, including: Robert E. Lee Boyhood Home, Alexandria, Virginia; Arlington House; the Confederate Monument; Sully Plantation; Annfield (birthplace of Mrs. Robert E. Lee), Berryville, Virginia; Castle Hills, Charlottesville, Virginia; Lee-Fendall House, Alexandria, Virginia; Surratt House, Maryland; and Fort Ward - to name a few.

Awards won by the District included:
Mary Hadley Woodard Award (to the Division giving the most money to the Mrs. Norman Randolph Relief Fund on a percentage basis);
Mrs. Levy Renfroe Silver Tray;
Paul Lamar Powell Bowl (to the Division reporting the best typed report on Memorial Day Programs;
Ruth Mary Thompson Jones Award (to the Division for the most outstanding work promoting the work and life of Stonewall Jackson and Robert E. Lee;
Louisiana's First President General Tray (to the Division having the most informative newsletter during the year);
Superior Chapters;
Honor Roll Chapters.

District of Columbia Division Presidents and Directors have been:

Years President Director
1955-56 Sharon Lee Dennis Miss Frances D. Shirley
1956-57 Alexandra Cox Burroughs Mrs. William H. Barstow, III
1957-58 William Fred Moore Mrs. William H. Barstow, III
1958-59 Frances Jen Fischer Mrs. William H. Barstow, III
1959-60 Charles William Brickert Mrs. William H. Barstow, III
1960-61 Sharon Lee Dennis Mrs. William H. Barstow, III
1961-62 Joyce Becker Mrs. William H. Barstow, III
1962-63 Robert E. Lee Lears Mrs. William H. Barstow, III
1963-64 Cora Lee Colbert Mrs. William H. Barstow, III
1964-65 Mary Patricia Maxfield Mrs. William H. Barstow, III
1965-66 Mary Patricia Maxfield Mrs. William H. Barstow, III
1966-67 Mary Patricia Maxfield Mrs. William H. Barstow, III
1967-68 John Dennis -- elected but did Mrs. Foley White Harris
not serve; Neil Speer, Second appointed Acting Director
Vice President, served as when Mrs. Barstow became
Acting President ill
1968-69 Christy Ann Prysby Mrs. Orville E. Maxfield
1969-70 Marilyn Joan Maxfield Mrs. Orville E. Maxfield
1970-71 Neil Thomas Speer Mrs. George R. Evans
1971-72 Caroline Giles Mrs. George R. Evans
1972-73 Patricia Ann Bailey Mrs. Orville E. Maxfield
1973-74 Patricia Ann Bailey Mrs. Orville E. Maxfield
1974-75 Donald Jarrett Speer Mrs. George W. Hallgren -- resigned - succeeded by Mrs. Richard R. L. O'Bannon
1975-76 Robert Blake Bailey Mrs. Richard R. L. O'Bannon
1976-77 Malinda Ann Speer Mrs. Donald A. Speer
1977-78 Nancy Marie Lyons Mrs. Donald A. Speer
1978-79 Robert Blake Bailey Mrs. John B. Bailey
1979-80 Melinda Ann Speer Mrs. John B. Bailey
1982-83 Jarrett Speer Mrs. Orville E. Maxfield
1984-97 unknown unknown
1998-99 Jill Cole Clemmer Mrs. Orville E. Maxfield
1999-00 Jill Cole Clemmer Mrs. Orville E. Maxfield
2000-01 Jill Cole Clemmer Mrs. Orville E. Maxfield
2001-02 Jill Cole Clemmer Mrs. Orville E. Maxfield
2002-03 Emily Rose Murphy Mrs. Orville E. Maxfield
2003-04 Emily Rose Murphy Ms. Andrea Murphy
2004-05 Emily Rose Murphy Miss Lloyce Ann West
2005-06 Emily Rose Murphy Ms. Andrea Murphy
2006-07 Emily Rose Murphy Ms. Andrea Murphy
2008-09 Emily Rose Murphy Miss Lloyce Ann West
2009-10 Caelan Charles Bowyer Miss Lloyce Ann West
2010-11 Miram Elizabeth Bowyer Miss Lloyce Ann West
2011-12 Caelan Charles Bowyer Miss Lloyce Ann West
2012-13 Miram Elizabeth Bowyer Miss Lloyce Ann West
2013-14 Miram Elizabeth Bowyer Miss Lloyce Ann West
2014-15 Christian Thomas Page Miss Dianne Moore

The Division records were housed at Confederate Memorial Hall, Washington, DC, until the Hall was sold.